Sunday, December 9, 2012

Second Sunday of Advent 2012: Reflection

(Image of the Advent wreath is from ImageVine/courtesy of All rights reserved.)

Cycle C
(Bar 5: 1-9;  Phil 1: 4-6, 8-11; Lk 3: 1 –6)

When you think about it, there is very little real history recorded in the gospels.  The scriptures are meant primarily to be inspirational rather than historical in content.  In this brief gospel passage we are given an historical framework for the mission of John the Baptizer, the one who is pointing to and prepares the way for the Messiah, Jesus.  Even before John, the prophets like Baruch were preparing the chosen people for the coming of the long expected one.

Paul refers to it as “the day of Christ” (Phil.1:6).  Even after the historical coming of Jesus Christ, we still are in an anticipation mode in our world.  Everyday in this season, we prepare ourselves for his coming, no longer in an earthly, historical way, but in a mystical/spiritual way into our lives.  Yet, it remains a two-way street.  Jesus is always there ready to come into our lives, but we have to do our part.  We have to invite him into our lives, our hearts.

How will you do this in the next few weeks?  How will you open wide the door of yourself to let him come in?  How will you make room for him in your daily business?  Remember, he is at your door wanting to come in.  Are you hearing his gentle knock?  He wants to be invited in.

+ Fr. Emile Gentile, T.O.R. (1936-2011)

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord: and let perpetual light shine upon him.  May his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

(Originally printed in According to Your Word - Reflections for the Advent & Christmas Seasons;