Saturday, January 31, 2009

Patrick Foley, TOR, is on the road (again!)

Hi All!
Just wanted to drop a note to fill you in on some recent happenings and upcoming events! Yesterday I "escaped" the frozen tundra of Minnesnowta to Florida. I'll be helping out with a Catholic Elderhostel given here at our retreat center in Winter Park, FL (San Pedro Center). The themes of this week's Elderhostel deal with the dialogue between faith and evolutionary thought (specifically that of Charles Darwin), the impact of evolution on memory and how to maximize its function, and care for creation from the perspective of scripture and the Franciscan heritage. I'll be giving daily discussions on the last topic. The themes of each of the four talks are as follows: a) "Care for creation through covenanting with creation" b) "Care for creation through unity and fraternity with creation" c) "Care for creation through 'seeing' Christ in creation" and, finally, d) "Care for creation through sustaining creation." After this week is over, I'll be hosting a young man who is discerning priesthood and religious life for the weekend. His name is Lucas Smith (please keep him in your prayers). The following week, myself and Vianney will be participating in a vocation promotion conference called "Focus 11." After this I plan on taking a couple days to spend at our condo in New Smyrna! I hope all is well for you and may God give you peace! Pat

Welcome to the Francisans, TOR, Province of the Immaculate Conception Blog!

To Friars, Friends, Family, and other Persons interested in all things Franciscan Third Order Regular (TOR), Immaculate Conception (IC) Province:
Welcome to our community blog! This forum has been established in order to communicate who we are to the larger, "world-wide-web" community. The Franciscans of the TOR/IC Province pride ourselves on reaching out to the world through our fraternity and ministry in a mode of hospitality, gentleness, and service. It's our hope that through the exchange of ideas, recipes, humor, updates on the "goings on" in our lives, etc... our community will be able to share a bit of ourselves with those who are near to us or interested in us. We, of course, would welcome your thoughts and musings as well! In the words of St. Francis, may the Lord give you peace! Happy blogging!