Tuesday, November 29, 2011

According to Your Word - Wednesday of the First Week of Advent

(Image of the Advent wreath is from ImageVine/courtesy of www.imagevine.com. All rights reserved.)

(Is 25:6-10; Mt 15:29-37)

Our readings present us with a look at what is to come in our lives. They tell of the Messianic banquet and that period of time when there will be peace and tranquility. The future holds grace and hope for us.

Isaiah mentions this hope and Matthew’s gospel has Jesus curing those who are ill. He gives bread to those in need in order that they will not grow faint. We are those in need. God gives to us in great measure.

The season of Advent is a time of reflection and expectant prayer. We see the direction of our lives and prayerfully seek change and improvement. Jesus will feed us and direct us as we proceed on our Journey.

This journey is filled with God’s graces and blessings. God’s Word is our way. We cannot help but be moved to greater spiritual longings and directions. Our lives will be full because they look forward to each day being a time of grace and fulfillment. We long for what is to happen in the present and in the time to come.

Let us pray in this season of preparation and expectation to be instruments of God’s will. May each of us follow in the path of the expected Savior.

– Fr. Vianney Cunningham, T.O.R.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fr. Vianney Cunningham,
I hope you are doing well. Please know you are always in my prayers.
Thanks for the help you gave me.
God bless....