Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fr. David Kaczmarek, T.O.R., - Doing Us Proud!

Congratulations to Fr. David Kaczmarek, T.O.R., for his recently published article entitled, "The Interior Nakedness of Francis." The article was published in The Cord, a Franciscan spiritual journal. Fr. David joins the company of Fr. Patrick Quinn and Fr. Giles Schinelli (and others?) of our community who have also been published in this periodical. Interestingly enough, I find the closing paragraph of Fr. David's article to be a very appropriate approach to the Paschal Mystery we are preparing to celebrate in the upcoming Triduum and Easter Vigil: "We struggle to follow humbly the life of Christ through the example of Francis, Clare and all of our Franciscan forebears, voluntarily becoming naked and vulnerable in our contemporary world, a world that for lack of love, cannot understand our gesture any more than those who witnessed the gesture of Francis. There is great mystery in it. Mystery cannot be understood, but only surrendered to." May all of us more fully surrender ourselves during this Holy Week to the one who first surrendered himself to us. Pat, TOR