Friday, April 3, 2009

Next Community Garden Meeting on MAY 2nd!

I received an email From Fr. William that it might be a little difficult to arrange the next community garden meeting on March 2nd considering it was over a month ago! Thanks Fr. William for pointing out this out! The next community garden meeting is scheduled for Saturday, MAY 2nd, at 10 am at St. Bernardine's. The nature of the meeting isn't so much an informational session on our proposal to start a care for creation ministry and community garden as it will be geared toward actually planning the "pilot project" of having a 60x60 garden plot and care for creation programming this summer. As of now we do have a fair number of persons (around 14-17) who have volunteered to help with this pilot project but are looking for some more persons to help with the gardening aspect. Friars, if you know of anyone in the Altoona, Hollidaysburg, or Johnstown area who might enjoy a weekly box of organic produce in exchange for their time, energy, and effort (perhaps as little as six hours per month), please encourage them to attend the meeting in MAY. Peace, good, and a blessed Holy Week to all! Pat, TOR