Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Care for Creation (C4C) End of Season Fall Harvest Festival

The Care for Creation (C4C) project marked the end of another successful year with the Fall Harvest Festival held on October 9th. Close to 100 persons attended the event. The evening began with a prayer ritual to mark the transition from Summer to Fall and was followed by fellowship, a "best carved pumpkin" contest, songs of praise, marshmallow roasting, and stories around the bonfire, and concluded with hayrides. The C4C project season goes from May until October and includes rituals and festivals to celebrate the rhythms of the seasons (planting ritual, Summer Bounty Festival, Fall Harvest Festival), a "green gardening course" (every Monday evening in March) and a Summer Presentation series that focuses on topics related to sustainability and the "green movement." We are happy to say that nearly every C4C event was well-attended and indicates that the concept and project is beginning to take "firm root" as a part of the larger community. Next year, in addition to C4C, our community will be assuming responsibility for the Blair County Community Gardens. We very much look forward to this opportunity and believe it will enhance the C4C initiative a great deal. Pat, TOR