Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Foliage in Central Pennsylvania

The fall season colors are on full display here in Central Pennsylvania. The above pictures were taken at three trails near Hollidaysburg, PA. The trails are part of a "Rails to Trails" conservancy program that converts old, unused rail lines into hiking and biking trails that seem to go on forever! The name of the trails are the Ghost Town Trail, the 6-10 Trail, and the Lower Trail. I usually try to spend the better part of one day weekly walking the trails and soaking up the refuels my batteries and helps me to get into touch with my Franciscan roots! Enjoy the pictures (especially those of you in the South)! Pat, TOR


Doug said...

Beautiful pictures of the fall season! This is one reason why I will NEVER leave Pennsylvania!

SJC said...

Fall is sneaking into Florida. Nothing like its spectacular entrance back there....but, of course, we get to swim longer!

Fr. Seraphin TOR