Monday, February 2, 2009

Evolution and Care of Creation at San Pedro

Peace and good!
Today at our retreat center in Winter Park, Florida (San Pedro Center) began a week long Elderhostel experience for 27 retreatants on the themes of Darwin and Evolution, Care of Creation, and the Majesty of the Mind. For those who aren't familiar with Elderhostel, it is a vacation model for adults that focuses on travel, leisure, and learning. During the morning presentation on Darwin and Evolution, Sr. Margaret Galiardi, OP (Dominican) talked a bit about the life of Charles Darwin and the challanges and opportunities that his theory of evolution poses for the Christian faith. The presentation provided a firm foundation to explore later in the week the dialogue that has ensued between science and faith in the last century or so. During the afternoon I presented on care of creation from the perspective of scripture. The aim of the talk was to equip persons of faith alarmed by global climate change and curious to know how our faith can respond to such signs with an awareness of how scripture calls us not only to stewardship with creation but even partnership. The 27 participants in the program come from a diverse background and from all over the country. We even have a couple attending from Newfoundland. The week promises to "evolve" (no pun intended) into a week of sharing our collective wisdom and hope that the Christian faith move forward to continue a fruitful dialogue with the sciences and to become an agent of cultivating the awareness of the urgent need to respond to the "travail of nature" (Rom. 8:22). May the Lord bless you and keep you! Pat, TOR