Monday, February 9, 2009

Vocation Visits

This past weekend the friars of San Pedro Center welcomed a young man named Lucas Smith who is presently discerning a vocation to religious life and the priesthood (see picture). Lucas is originally from Germany and has lived in the US for the past six years. He is very interested in Franciscan life inparticular and will also be visiting the Capuchins and Conventuals in the coming weeks. The visit overall went well and Lucas seemed to enjoy himself in the process of getting to know the Friars of San Pedro and Mt. Dora. Please keep him in your prayers. At the end of February the friars of Minneapolis will welcome at least one person and perhaps as many as four vocation discerners. Two come from the Dallas, TX, area (Daniel Akins and Gerardo Romo), one from Hollywood, CA, (David Brickman) and another from Miami, FL (Hugo Bastida). Please also keep these persons in prayer. The Spirit seems to be moving a number of people to inquire and investigate our community! May God be with all of these persons and our community as well in this process of mutual inquiry! Pat, TOR