Sunday, February 1, 2009

Post Homily Reflections: Feb. 1st, 2009, 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hello Friars and Friends!
This morning I attended the "Friends of San Pedro" Mass held monthly at our retreat center in Winter Park, FL. The presider of the Mass was Fr. Patrick Quinn, TOR. From my recollections, the core of Pat's homily was how, in deriving his authority and power from none other than his relationship with God, Jesus was able to go beyond a mere "formal" observance of the law in order to reach out to the other in need (c.f., the Gospel reading, Mark, 1:21-28). In Franciscan language, we might say that Jesus' life and actions opened a new way of living according to the obedience of love (which sometimes "overrules" obedience to the letter of the law). Consequently, when we derive our sense of power and authority from our relationship with God we can likewise live a "liberated life" of responding to the implications of the Gospel for our lives and world. I understand such a "liberated life" to mean freedom from all that inhibits growing in relationship to God, other, and self and freedom for bringing the Good News of God's saving love to those who are most in need of liberation themselves (inclusive of all creation and all creatures). May God bless and keep you! Pat Foley, TOR